3D 측정기 & 스캐너 전문 기업 이노시스 주식회사


    • Motion measurement solutions for towing tanks

    • Power Performance Speed

      The fastest 3D Motion Capture System with 10,000 Hz Each tracker carries its own embedded computer with multiple processors for real-time 3D calculations Error-free tracking of up to 512 uniquely-identified active LED markers, with 15 µm resolution Each marker has a uniquely distinguishable ID. NO MARKER SWAPPING error will ever occur No marker pattern registration is required

    • CTrack Software

      Dynamic motion measurement & analysis software Tracking multiple 3D and 6DOF positions in real time Processing data on the fly Generating analog and digital output Interacting with third-party software packages Multi Tracker, multi 6DOF bodies & multi-target Digital output interface over TCP/IP network is standard Analog inputs and outputs are available as an option.

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