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    Probing ARM VOLUME


      Metronor Two handles tasks of the highest accuracy within a measurement volume of 15 cubic meters. The two-camera system ensures the tightest precision of the measurement data without losing the Metronor key objectives of easy set up and easy handling.


      Metronor One is the ideal portable measurement system for objects of limited size – very fast to set-up and easy to learn, whilst keeping the freedom to move in the complete measurement area without having to mind any cables or moving joints.


      This DUO Probe extension turns your DUO Probe system into the most flexible measurement solution in the market. It allows an existing high-accuracy DUO to be split into two independently functioning SOLOs. For regular tasks, the two SOLOs provide high measurement capacity. When a particularly challenging or tight-tolerance inspection is required, the DUO operation ensures that all requirements are met.


      This SOLO Probe extension uses two side-by-side cameras to double the field of view of an existing SOLO Probe system. This enables the system to be placed closer to the measurement object, reducing the required set up space and increasing accuracy due to shorter distances. It also makes it possible to measure in one system setup where otherwise several setups might have been needed.

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